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Play FreeCiv online

FreeCiv is a Free and Open Source empire-building strategy game inspired by the history of human civilization. The game commences in prehistory and your mission is to lead your tribe from the Stone Age to the Space Age. Play FreeCiv online, in  a web browser, on your cellphone or tablet!

Freeciv is a free turn-based multiplayer strategy game, in which each player becomes the leader of a civilization, fighting to obtain the ultimate goal:

To become the greatest civilization.

Players of Sid Meier's Civilization series should feel at home, since one aim of Freeciv is to have rulesets with compatible rules.

Freeciv is maintained by an international team of coders and enthusiasts, and is easily one of the most fun and addictive network or individual-versus-computer video games out there!

That also means it has very extensive multilanguage support, something rare in games.

Freeciv game description

This is a freeware remake of Civilization, originally SGI IRIX, later expanded to all possible platforms.

The goal is to be a good multiplayer version of Civ and to be true to Sid Meier’s version. The game can be configured to be very close to the original DOS Civ and to Civ II, but not to any other versions of Civilization.

It is a turn-based multiplayer strategy game (but humans players move simultaneously), in which each player becomes the leader of a civilization, fighting to become the greatest ruler.

The game ends when there is only one nation left, when the final year has been reached or when a player builds and launches a spaceship, which reaches Alpha Centauri first.

Freeciv is maintained and constantly improved by an international team of coders and enthusiasts with full multiplayer options and extensive multilanguage support.

The game comes with different modpacks that incorporate the rules of the different Civilization games as well as the popular settings of Freeciv players. You can create your own maps with the civworld editor as well. The map editor, doesn't exist in a ready-to-run release yet.

Freeciv gameplay

Players take the role of tribal leaders in 4000 B.C. who must guide their peoples through the centuries.

Play FreeCiv online
Play FreeCiv online, in a web browser, tablet or mobile phone.

Over time, new technologies are discovered, which allow the construction of new city buildings and the deployment of new units. Players can wage war on one another or form diplomatic relationships.

The game ends when one civilization has eradicated all others or accomplished the goal of space colonization, or at a given deadline.

If more than one civilization remains at the deadline, the player with the highest score wins. Points are awarded for the size of a civilization, its wealth, and cultural and scientific advances.

Play FreeCiv online, in a web browser or on your mobile phone

Play this open-source strategy game FreeCiv online, immediately in your browser, tablet or mobile phone - nothing to install! Just hit play button and play!

  • Gameplay is as addictive as Civilization and Civilization II.
  • Playing with strangers from all over the world.
  • The simple chatline interface is good enough for all kinds of off-game discussions.
  • Some of the customizations (alternative settings or rulesets) create interesting new game variants.
  • Getting started is far too difficult for newbies (although things are slowly improving).
  • Not enough human players, sometimes it takes too long to get a good game going.
  • The AI isn't smart enough to be a challenge after about 100 games.
  • Games take too long - long games are good, but short games should be possible too.
  • Not enough interesting game variants have been developed considering the amount of customization possible.

Multiplayer variant of MicroProse's Civilization and Civilization II games.

A free, improved, multiplayer Civilization I and II. If you don't know those: a mix of chess and RISK , but better.

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